10 tips from DiSC Sales Profile for Sustainable Customer Relationships

Everything DiSC Sales Profile helps the sales personnel understand the priorities on which their interactions with customers would be based on.As Businesses take up the “knowledge “ path , big data is becoming the driving force behind managing customer relationships. Data is definitely the tool for designing the next up-sell or cross-sell opportunity. But for sustainable relationships with a customer, it is important to look at them more as friends than as someone who is just a means to increase profitability or another set of numbers on an excel spread sheet.

The emotional element in what is lacking in today’s sales mechanism. And this is precisely the reason why companies struggle to retain customers and have to always use the “master – slave “analogy , the customer being the former. If a company has to unleash the true potential of their sales-force and use it to deliver to customer’s expectations they need to be empathetic. Everything DiSC sales profile will support businesses to build that understanding.

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile helps sales personnel to understand their own selling style , which is a unique blend of all the four DiSC styles. The sales priorities and preferences of the individual is then employed to determine how to connect better to customers whose styles could be different. Thus the effectiveness of the interaction is improved thereby resulting in lost lasting relationships.

Everything DiSC Sales Profile helps the sales personnel understand the priorities on which their interactions with customers would be based on. The priorities would be the primary areas around which a sales discussion be centred around and DiSC believes that it would be more than three. The priorities that DiSC identifies are action, enthusiasm, relationships, sincerity , dependability, quality, competency ,results and action. While looking at priorities DiSC also provides tips on how you could shift your focus to match the customer’s interest.

DiSC Sales profile unravels the strengths that an individual may have within purview of their signature selling style. The profile clearly lines up strategies for using these competencies to their best advantage. Further in the shadow of strengths there may be challenges which most salespeople find tricky to identify. DiSC not just identifies the sore spots but also advises the right balm to soothe them.

A strong marketing orientation can be built only through building long – lasting profitable relationships with the customer. The 80 -20 rule holds good for sale , , since it’s trickier to attract new business and costlier. As the focus shifts from ”transaction marketing” to” relationship marketing” , marketers have to get deep understanding of what each customer envisages.

DiSC Sales Profile helps the sales professional understand and interpret different buying styles that customers may adopt in the context of DiSC. Thus a sales person as he interacts with his customer would be able to understand whether he is open , cautious, warm or reflective. This learning can be then used to adapt their selling styles to the customers buying styles. Now is that not what you can call as true empathy?

Thus Everything DiSC Sales Profile can be an invaluable asset to organisations in increasing their turnover with focus on the emotional approach to developing long standing relationships.

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Sonia Kapur

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