Advantages of Everything DiSC Assessment

Advantages of Everything DiSC Assessment

The line graph which is used to represent personality profiles in DiSC Classic (is still relevant today and was hugely popular). But the circular representation of personality assessment that is used in Everything DiSC opens up a whole new world of immense possibilities to facilitators and HR professionals.

Everything DiSC is touching greater horizons in team building and group dynamics through the DiSC circle.

The relevance of an individual in an organisation is diminishing day by day with the focus shifting towards teams. What makes or breaks a team is the relationships that individuals have with each other. The circular graph is a much clearer depiction of where one individual stands with respect to another with the plots clearly alienating the similarities vis-a vis the differences. The linear representation in DiSC Classic may be slightly trickier to understand and interpret as against the circular representation where the interpretation is much more apparent.

Group Dynamics:
When it comes to plotting the DiSC styles of a group, the circular graph seems much more easier to visualise and interpret. The composition of the group and the implications that it holds is depicted with great clarity in the DiSC circle. The disparities in the group and non –conformances can be easily identified in the circular arrangement. However identifying the same in the linear representation may be confusing.

Adaptation & Stress:
The whole objective of DiSC is to identify not just strength areas , but also to plot areas where improvements are required. DiSC help people to adapt to others around them and guides them on ideal behavioural norms with other personality types. The Everything DiSC circle through shading makes it visually clear for the individual to not just identify adaptation areas , but also helps them identify areas where they may need to stretch beyond their comfort zones for being better team players.

Integration of Styles:
As is characteristic to human nature, there is no right or wrong style as there is no single style that an individual can pertain to. Thus the DiSC circle in Everything DiSC provides clear indication of the correlation between the different styles. It represents the differences which are significant for someone with a D style and for someone with a DI style. The individual understands where the different styles merge and the behavioural changes associated with the same.

It would be impossible for an individual to go back and read through an assessment report every time they require feedback on their behaviour or feel the need to adjust. The Everything DiSC reports through their visuals and catchy narration helps the person to internalise the feedback to such an extent that it is almost firmly etched into their memory. The circular representation is memorable and intuitive while also being information- rich.

Wide spread applicability:
Everything DiSC has an assessment for everyone in your organisation. The tools can be used and applied to businesses of all genres and this makes it highly popular amongst business leaders, HR and OD professionals and facilitators.

So have you been assessed with Everything DiSC?

Sonia Kapur

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