Building Teams through Everything DiSC

Building Teams through Everything DiSCIn a call -center, team performance metrics are easily quantifiable– time to resolve issues, number of issues resolved, customer feedback etc. The same measurements can also be used to measure gaps and offer suggestions for improvement and hence building team cohesion seems easy. But in spite of all this, call-centers suffer from significantly varying team performances, and it is difficult to pinpoint where the under performing teams go wrong. The same logic applies to other teams s well. This concretises the assumption that team building is not a science, but an art – an art which has to made perfect through a scientific approach.

Performance is a culmination of working with the right skillsets. So the solution is not monitoring performance. Rather it should be on building the right skill sets. And since it is team performance that matters, there is no point in honing individual skill sets. What needs to be done is comparison of individuals who work together- look at them as individuals, understand their behavioural and personality styles and then compare those styles to each other, offering tips on how best they can adapt to each other.

This is what Everything DiSC Comparison Report does. The Everything DiSC Comparison Report is an additional 11-page free report, which is taken for pairs of individuals who may be part of the same team and who require to synergise regularly.

The only mandate is that they should have already been assessed for one of the following –

  • Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
  • Everything DiSC Sales Profile
  • Everything DiSC Management or
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile.

Based on their individual reports, each is compared to the other. The report would then with the help of visuals and descriptions provide detailed inputs on how they need to adapt their behaviour based on their similarities and differences. The report helps the individuals identify their priorities, plots the benefits that they gain by working together as well as identify the barriers they may face.

Sonia Kapur

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