Business Applications of Everything DiSC Comparison Reports

Business Applications of Everything DiSC Comparison Reports 3A manager who has two employees who are required to deliver related tasks on a project but somewhere they are not able to synergy.

Two teammates who continuously argue on trivial issues and can’t see eye to eye.

A new recruit has no clue on how his teammates are, but is willing to flex himself / herself towards team goals.

I’m sure as managers you may all have come across many such situation and don’t know where to start. This is where the DiSC Comparison Report comes to the rescue.

The report helps you understand ,why two employees are not able to synergise, and determine the root cause of the differences that are creating hurdles for them to work together. The individuals are made to understand objectively, how they can or need to move beyond their comfort zone and include additional priorities to create a smooth working ambience. These tips could be a great way of starting fresh conversations amongst people who could not see eye to eye but have to work within a team.

Everything DiSC Comparison Report coupled with Group Culture report can be an excellent support for facilitators since it helps to assess needs, objectives, apprehensions, emotions and behaviors within a group. The report will not reveal participant names and is tailor made to be given to participants.

The ideal team is the one that has the right mix of people, who can interact with each other comfortably, set common goals, work towards it through an unspoken language of understanding cheer each other during success and console each other on failure.A team can never work in isolation. Teams today require to not just interact amongst themselves, but would require to take and provide inputs to other stakeholders like clients, vendors, cross functional experts and so on. Group Culture Reports can be used to compare teams which would require delivering related outcomes and understanding how to work out dynamics better.

There are a lot of tools which help in improving group dynamics. So what are the advantages that DiSC offers in this regard? Unlike other tools, DiSC does not give generalised behaviour of the group. Rather the assessments stem from an individual and it is this assessment which forms the basis for determining how the same individual needs to behave in a team. This guarantees better focus when it comes to assigning specific roles to the individual within the group.

The focus on individual assessments followed by one to one comparisons helps managers to identify working relationships better making one to one relationships within a team a cakewalk.

If contemporary theories on leadership can be teamed with DiSC assessment reports team cohesion will be no longer a headache and organisations will have teams which surpass their expectations in terms of their deliverable’s.

Sonia Kapur

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