Executive/Life Coaches

Reliability of the instrument provides a better understanding of the coachee’s behavioural priorities.

As coaching partnerships become increasingly dependent on the understanding that the coach and coachee share, tools like DiSC are life savers. DiSC through its objective and scientifically validated  assessments ,helps life coaches  listen, appreciate, reflect, question, and respond in the context of the coaching dialogue. DiSC helps the coach build a deep understanding  of the coachee  helping to create an environment that eliminates the limitations of history, expectation, and assumption.

Objectivity of the DiSC profile provides a non-threatening way to give feedback and build self-awareness

DiSC through highly personalised behavioural assessments , helps the coach to create a heightened sense of  self – awareness in the coachee. This opens up innumerable avenues for open conversations leading to deep and reflective exploration. The coach thus helps the coachee to  focus on their emotions and feelings thus helping them realise their substance and value. What can be a more positive outcome to coaching than a self-aware coachee?

Using the role specific DiSC assessment, create coaching action points in the context of the role of the coachee

Coaches work in the huge gamut of the mental and emotional space of their clients. It is important that they be mindful of what each coachee needs, respect those and provide coaching without escalating the emotional content or misinterpreting the intent. DiSC through providing meaningful insights into the coachee’s behaviour supports a coach to design coaching programs that suit the coachees style . There is no tool which understands or interprets behaviour better than DiSC and hence there are role specific assessments which in turn enhance the coaching experience.

Using Group culture reports, enhancing group coaching effectiveness

DiSC assessments cover a wide spectrum in the field of management such as sales, leadership and management. Each of these role specific reports are supported by group reports that provide the team’s tendencies. By using the group reports and team view reports, coaches can engage in more meaningful group coaching sessions that enhance the effectiveness of teams and groups.