HR and L&OD Professionals

Develop your employees using the world’s leading behavioural assessment tool.

As employees transition across levels or take up a multitude of roles , they face a bigger challenge in managing behavioural modifications than skill . Identification of behavioural gaps is crucial for organisational development since it sets the right trajectory to the organisation’s strategic destination. DiSC certification provides a scientific and objective method for setting the behavioural framework to support learning and OD initiatives in any business. The robustness of the tool provides confidence to the HR and L&OD professionals to take right decisions related to hiring, development and allocation of resources to projects.

Understand what motivates people and improve the way performance is managed.

Organisation Development find a new companion in neuroscience bringing in exciting prospects  for understanding human behaviour, motivation,  interpersonal interaction , group dynamics and conflict management in the framework of socially constructed communities.  Knowledge of the brain and the intricacies in it helps L & OD professionals to appreciate the best in people , streamline their strengths  towards greater horizons and open up new possibilities in improved job performance. It opens up a keen sense of enquiry aiding them in asking the right questions paving the way for deeper insights and discoveries about human behaviour. DiSC profiles have been administered on millions of people and all DiSC tools are validated statistically for reliability.

Deliver training sessions into the learning style of the participant.

Learning in organisations have grown beyond knowledge or skill transfer . Today it is imperative that L & OD professionals design and develop engaging content with complete focus on experiential learning through facilitation. Because DiSC model relates to the learning style and behavioural priorities of the participant, it enable the trainer to engage the participant by understanding their DiSC styles and adapting the development andragogy accordingly. DiSC takes the facilitation one step forward through a library of abundant training resources which details out myriad applications of the tool in various genres of management across diverse groups – leaders, managers, professionals, sales force and so on . By administering an assessment that provides insights specific to the role of an individual, it makes the learning process practical and effective. The Everything DiSC reports resonate better with the participants as they are role specific.

Standardized kits help in high volume roll outs of the training programs

DiSC is what every L&OD professional should be certified in, since it provides readymade tools for facilitation  through facilitation kits. These kits which comprise of videos, presentations, narratives, assessments, learning guides and facilitator guides makes facilitation a simple and hassle free process. Program are designed in modules making it easily customisable to segments targeted  for each workshop.  All material provided like trainee handouts, presentations and assessments can be customised with your own logos. The EPIC account permits each user to run their own assessments which can again be customised with the logo.