People Managers

Manage your people better by being able to spot  behavioural strengths and priorities.

A successful people manager is one who has the key to bridge gaps between talent or individual capabilities and culture or organisational values. What connects the two is behaviour which when adapted to situations , brings organisations closer to people who build them.

DiSC profiles of individuals are great tools for people management since they give deep insights into human behaviour. The strengths can be identified and  tips for behavioural modifications  provided objectively based on each individual’s preferred DiSC style. The DiSC assessments also support managers in matching talent to culture by fitting the people into dream roles. Their understanding of behavioural styles can prove to an asset when it comes to managing conflicts and building team cohesion.

Build trust by ensuring  non – judgemental assessments of an employee’s interpersonal skills.

People management professionals are always under the scanner when it comes to being non- judgemental in their decisions. A lot of times human resource professionals have to face allegations of being partial or subjective in their opinions about people. A people manager has to be credible and free of bias in interactions with people they manage in order to build long standing relationships.Behavioural tools like DiSC helps to streamline all people management processes like recruitment, selection, performance and compensation management, successions and career planning , employee engagement  etc making it objective. The decades of research that has gone into DiSC also increases the credibility of assessments.

Provides strategies for the individuals to flex behaviours to meet team objectives effectively.

The biggest challenges that people managers face today is to align individuals to team goals and get them to think beyond being just individual contributors. As organisations spend millions trying to get individuals to think in terms of teams , investing in behavioural assessments like DiSC  is the way to go.

DiSC tools are not mere predictors of human behaviour. In fact , moving beyond understanding the preferred styles of an individual ,  DiSC certification sensitises trainees on how to spot behavioural styles of others and provide them strategies on flexing their own styles to match those of others. This proves as an invaluable resource to people managers , who can get people to use this awareness of self and of others to mitigate conflicts, build trust and increase cohesion amongst teams. Tools like DiSC helps foster the spirit of independence in your organisation developing employees to work under minimal supervision.

Master the art of objective and effective delegation.

Most managers can delegate , but what they do not understand the trick behind delegating the right task to the right person. By knowing the behavioural styles of individuals , their preferred approach to work as well as to people doing the work can be understood. Instead of fitting the person to the job if a person can be assigned a job which he can be assured of doing well , delegation becomes smooth and effective. DiSC also uses individual reports to generate custom made comparison reports between people which in turn can be used to even compare two contenders for a same position.

Hire the right people through behavioural interviewing.

The biggest challenge that human resource professionals face today is finding the right resource for various job roles. A lot of times people with impeccable technical skills turn out to be poor performers because of their inability to make behavioural adjustments that a job role demands. By using tools like DiSC an individual can be asked the right questions in behavioural interviews, wherein organisations can be assured of picking the right talent for any job role. DiSc comparison reports can also be used to compare aspirants who qualify for a job ensuring that only the fittest person survives.