Sales Professionals

Carry on effective sales conversations by spotting the customer’s buying styles.

Most sales people in spite of being astute communicators find it difficult to close deals in today’s competitive scenario. With order cycles getting trimmed , salespeople have very less time in their hands to get to the point. DiSC Sales Profile  and other DiSC tools provide deep rooted insights to sales people to spot buying styles of customers helping them create “right” sales pitch in no time helping them to reach targets faster. DiSc sales profiles helps sales people to understand their selling style while offering personalised tips on how to match it to different combinations of buying styles.

Build sustainable relationships using customer interaction mapping to gain competitive advantage.

A by-product of competition has been creation of customers who are fussy , with the result that brand loyalty is just a myth. A lot of times deals don’t get closed because of the salesperson’s inability to design the “right” interaction which is centred in the principle that every customer is different.  DiSC sales profile through its customer interaction mapping provides a simple three step procedure to spot the behavioural style of your customer by looking at tendencies which they exhibit.This helps in creating empathy towards the customer, thus empowering them to build custom made solutions for each customer , which in turn acts as the foundation for the long standing relationship.

Build sales action plans by using knowledge of neuroscience to demystify customer behaviour.

People and their behaviour have always been a mystery to even specialists like psychologists and neuroscientists. DiSc through 4 decades of research have been able to build highly reliable behavioural assessment tools which are just the right weapons to demystify human behaviour. DiSC sales profile uses this knowledge to help sales people build action plans for each customer by understanding their priorities, trying to match it to those of the customers, trying to spot challenges they may face in the interaction by deciphering similarities and differences in behaviour. this in turn is used to address requirements and reposition sales  pitches to ensure closure of the deal in no time.