DiSC Behavioural Model Demystified

DiSC Behavioural Model DemystifiedThe DISC Model has been in use for more than four decades now in helping people to understand their behaviour better. Research is still ongoing on how it can be made better and more intuitive. As William Moulton Marshall had originally conceived the DISC model in his book “Emotions of Normal People”, Everything DiSC uses a circular representation for an individual’s behavioural style.

In the DiSC model the human behaviour is classified into four dimensions – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

A ‘D” style is characterised by their dominance.
Everything DiSC Map-DThe D is confident and has implicit focus on achieving goals. They are open and blunt in their speech and would come straight to the point never beating around the bush. They would have no or little concern for people around them and would associate empathy and patience to being classified as “weak” or “vulnerable”. They would excel in tasks that are challenging , unique and gives them total control.


An “I” style is characterised by their ability to influence.
Everything DiSC Map-iThey are people centric and enjoys collaborative tasks. They exhibit high levels of energy and are enthusiastic and optimistic. They are motivated by tasks that require them to take initiative, build relationships and for which they get recognised. Appreciation in public , popularity and words of praise matter a lot to them.


The “s” style is an epitome of calmness (perhaps masking emotions).
Everything DiSC Map-SEmotionally steady , they are people who give a lot of importance to sincerity, cooperation and peaceful coexistence. You cannot expect any surprises around an “S” style since they are extremely predictable and very consistent in their behaviour. In their urge to be non –controversial , they may come across as overly accommodative, incapable of firm decisions and wary of change. They are affirmative and may get intimidated by confrontations , aggression or rude behaviour.

A “c” style in DiSC is task oriented and hard working.
Everything DiSC Map-C They focus on the work at hand conscientiously and try to deliver maximum quality and accuracy. They are in a constant pursuit of knowledge, tactful and cautious in their approach. They are apprehensive about criticism and always dwell in the fear of going wrong. This makes them overly critical and over analysing to an extent that they may prefer to work in isolation than in groups with the constant fear that interfere may hamper the perfection of the task at hand.

If you have gone through the above , you can observe a clear connect between the different styles. The D and C style are people who believe that they have control over their surroundings and believe in using it to their advantage. Hence they are assertive and proactive. However on the contrary, the I and S styles believe that they are weaker than the environment. This beleief makes them adaptive and reactive wherein they try to modify their behaviour to suit those around them making them people centric.

Human behaviour is never a clear case of black and white. Just like you would use primary colors in combination to generate millions of hues, the four dimensions can be used in multiple permutations and combinations generating a unique blend of behaviours.

Sonia Kapur

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