What is DiSC?

DiSC are a set of behavioural assessment tools built on the DiSC model successfully used and testified by over 40 million people across the world to determine where their hidden strengths are , and to find out where workplace issues stem from . DiSC is not a test but an assessment that profiles your behavior in the workplace setting.

What does the acronym DiSC stand for?

D – Dominance
i – Influences
S – Steadiness
C – Contentiousness

Why is DiSC called an assessment and not a test?

A test measures the result of an activity and scores it on the basis of whether it is right or wrong , unlike an assessment which determines patterns for which there is no right or wrong.
DiSC measures behavioural tendencies and priorities.by clustering sets of recurrent behaviour.

What is a psychometric assessment?

These are developed designed by psychologists and psychometrists to measure psychological interests, values and opinions such as aptitude, emotional intelligence and behavioural tendencies. They are extensively researched, statistically tested and impartially validated to guarantee that they are non- judgemental, reliable and error- free . They are administered and scored methodically and in controlled environments, wherein results can be credibly compared with people who have been subject to the tests previously

DiSC® is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons. Strengthscape is an authorized partner of Workplace Learning Solutions, a division of John Wiley & Sons.

The DiSC assessment has been developed based on the DISC model developed by William Moulton Marston, a leading psychologist of the 20th century the details of which were elaborated in his book “ Emotions of Normal People”. On the basis of his observations of diverse human behaviour ,Marston developed the DISC model to detail an individual’s emotional response to varied stimuli.

Where can I apply DiSC at work?

DiSC has got a wide range of applications in organisations. This behavioural instrument has been developed with the objective of improving workplace effectiveness of individuals. Some of the applications are:

  1. People development: DiSC interlinks behavioural priorities of an individual to the context of the role, organization culture and group dynamics . This can be employed to create effective training interventions for people development.
  2. Team Development: DiSC can help teams become proactive than reactive by helping individuals understand each others behavioural strengths and challenges.
  3. Leadership Development: DiSC based leadership profiles help organizations increase leadership effectiveness in the context of vision, alignment and execution.
  4. Selection and promotion: DiSC can increase the hiring effectiveness through behavioural assessment ensuring that the right people are assigned to the right roles.

Why are so many companies offering different variants of DiSC assessments?

William Moulton Marston developed a behavioural model – DISC, which was elucidated in the book Emotions of Normal People written in 1928. The model wasn’t copyrighted, providing ample scope for organisations to develop behavioural assessments based on this model. John Wiley & Sons is the world leader in DiSC based assessments and has greatly invested in developing the DiSC model for decades.

Why is i always written in small letters?

DiSC with the small i is the registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons.

How reliable is DiSC?

DiSC is a highly reliable and valid tool. It has been statistically tested and used by millions of people.

Can anyone order DiSC reports?

Yes, anyone can order DiSC profiles. You should be certified to interpret and train people using DiSC profiles. To order a profile, visit us @ http://www.strengthscape.com/buy/

Can any one debrief or interpret DiSC report?

One must seek an interpretation session / coaching session only from a certified trainer. Strengthscape regularly runs certification programs for trainers and coaches.