DiSC Profile – Confused about which one to use?

DiSC Profile – Confused about which one to use 1An assessment tool meets its objective only when it is used at the right place. As the number of DiSC profiles available in the market are multiplying assessors and organisations are finding it confusing to know what goes where. This article will offer a bird’s eye view on the application of different kinds of DiSC profiles.

DiSC Classic:

disc classicDiSC Classic is developed on the basis of a two-axis, four-dimensional behavioural model that William Moulton Marston described in his book Emotions of Normal People which was published in 1928. The model classifies behavior into the four dimensions of: Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. However Marston had not developed an assessment to measure behaviour. Researchers who worked on the behavioural model developed by Marston later came up with assessments based on the same and one such was DiSC Classic which was first published in 1972.

The Personal Profile System –

the original version of DiSC Classic – comprises of 24 sets of four words presented in a forced-choice format, similar to Marston’s Model. DiSC Classic can be used by organisation for professional development, career planning, mentoring, communication, customer service, conflict reprisal , team collaboration and much more.
DiSC Classic is a paper based assessment which is self- administered, self -scored and self evaluated. The online version is DiSC Classic 2.0 which is administered online. It is scored electronically within the EPIC system.

Everything DiSC:

Everything DiSC map

Everything DiSC is a facilitation tool that helps professionals grasp their behavioural styles better and then use the learning to create improved working synergy. Everything Disc uses a circular model for representation which is different from the line graph that is used in DiSC Classic. The Circular representation is more intuitive and is richer with visuals and engaging narratives.

The DiSC assessments are based on the responses given by individuals on 80 adjectives which are rated on five point scales. The responses are then measured on an eight point scale which is represented on a circular graph making Everything DiSC application focused.

The Everything DiSC comes with do it yourself facilitation kits for facilitators, group culture reports , videos , handouts and presentations which can be easily customised to suit the requirements of audience.

The Online Everything DiSC Profiles consists of:

  1. Everything DiSC Workplace Profile: Can be administered across varied hierarchies and basically aims to improve workplace effectiveness of employees.
  2. Everything DiSC Management: This assessment is to be administered on managers .It aims at helping managers to understand their management styles and on recommending strategies on how they can use the learning to flex their styles to achieve organisational outcomes better.
  3. Everything DiSC Sales: The assessment which would be used for sales force helps them understand the styles of their customers, predict customer buying styles, and fine tune their sales style to their customer’s buying style.
  4. Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders: As the name indicates this is an assessment which combines the power of 360 degree feedback with DiSC thereby creating a world class tool for improving leadership effectiveness and creating great business leaders.

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