Do you have Cohesive Teams?

Cohesive TeamsGone are the days when an individual was considered to be the basic building block of a business. There has been a paradigm shift of focus to the team, where the individual contributor is evaluated on the extent to which he has contributed to a team. Teams today form the skeleton of how projects, activities and tasks are executed and managed within companies worldwide. Global organizations are today looking up to high-performance teams for increasing their competitive advantage, by using them to deploy high level business strategies. In this context the cohesion or the extent of unity and purpose of a team becomes crucial.


What can an organisation do to increase team cohesion?

The Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team is an assessment based experiential learning process that helps individuals and businesses the strengths that work in unison to build highly cohesive and goal driven teams. Powered by Everything DiSC®, the profiles uses the individual’s DiSC® styles to help them understand the reason for their change of behaviour in groups. They make them realise that small adaptations in behavioural styles can help them become better team players by ramping up the extent of their individual contribution to the team goals.

The Five Behaviours of Cohesive Team, as the name indicates looks at five behaviours that if imbibed guarantee team success.

They are:

1. Mutual Trust
A cohesive team is built on the foundation of trust. Trust requires open and transparent communication which can be achieved when people know each other better. Trust also builds confidence in self and on each other which in turns help people to bring up ideas into the open and discuss constructively. The trust increases motivation which in turn builds commitment to goals. Once this stage is reached then there is no limit to the heights the team can achieve.

2. Constructive Conflict
It is a wrong notion and a fairly popular one, that conflicts destroy teams. On the contrary conflicts routed positively can fuel healthy debates and discussions which could be the gestation point for innovative ideas.

3. Commitment
When team members are able to openly share opinions and have fruitful debates on ideas, there is a higher possibility that they will reach practical and implementable decisions. Since these decisions have been taken with the consensus and participation of individuals who constitute the team, there will be increased commitment for achievement of goals.

4. Mutual Accountability
Through ensuring commitment to task, accountability increases. After all accountability and responsibility go hand in hand. And when you have been assigned responsibilities which you have committed to undertake the stakes are high and you would automatically be more accountable for each other as well as for self..

5. Focus on Collective Results
Building greater trust, fuelling constructive conflict, ramping up commitment, and accountability– all point to a single direction- the achievement of results.

As teams become increasingly crucial in elevating a business to success, personality of individuals and the way they are managed to meet team goals is what can be the one thing that can make the journey simpler.

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Sonia Kapur

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