Five Tips for People Centric Professionals from ED Workplace

Five Tips for People Centric Professionals  from  ED WorkplaceA person with a dominant I/S style would be more people centric and relatively less oriented towards task. The I/S style do not feel threatened by the environment and view it favourably. This makes them happy go lucky, great team players and easy to be with. However the I style feels more powerful than the environment and hence would be confident of changing it to suit their outcomes. The S style however feels that the environment is more powerful and hence would not want to change it. In fact they would prefer status quo and would not be very open to change.

Learn to Say “No”:

An I/S style would generally hate saying “No” , an S because they hate confrontations and an “I” because it may make them unpopular. It is important for both styles to realise that they may have to be firm and objective in cases which require them to be so. However an I/S style can use their characteristic charisma and charm when it comes to saying “No” since it would be better accepted by the one on the other side.

Take decisions on time:

An I/S style may have a tendency to procrastinate and postpone controversial decisions for a later day. The people centric professionals should be able to prioritise decision making and get over the need to satisfy everyone and take compliance for everything. They should take double caution to not gloss over differences in their tendency to avoid difficult conversations. This is something which an I/S would need to take conscious efforts on.

Running away from difficult people is not the way to go:

A lot of situations at workplace may require professionals to handle people who are not accommodative. In fact there may also be situations where people consciously create issues to have differences of opinions. An I may become emotionally strung and lose control in such situations while an S may try to avoid any such situation. Both these approaches can be disastrous when it boils down to handling controversy lovers at the workplace. Their strengths like empathy and understanding is what they should remember while dealing with argumentative or angry colleagues or bosses at work.

Making informed decisions:

The signature” high “energy levels of an I/S style would reduce their analytical capability since they tend to lack the patience for it. A high i/S would find it challenging to work doggedly towards their goals. This would result in then making spur of the moment or emotional decisions in situations which can put them into trouble. It will be good for an I/S style to continuously remind themselves to look at problems in depth and to analyse a decision before freezing on it.

Be detail driven:

The i/S style is generally not too much into details when it comes to tasks given to them. They are more driven towards doing it as soon as possible and then moving over to other tasks. The “S “ may be indecisive and may look at decisions from the perspective of garnering maximum support and in their attempt to get support forget about finer aspects of the problem. The I on the other hand is characterised for being disorganised and impulsive in decision making. The i/S should thus focus on details when they are assigned tasks and a checklist would help them work better.

Sonia Kapur

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