How to hire the right “personality” for sales

How to hire the right personality for salesJust the other day I was leafing through the jobs page of a leading newspaper and I noticed a job description for a sales position in an insurance company. The skills required for the job included – knowledge of industry and sale cycle, computer proficiency, high energy levels , independent, astute communicator, team player. If you take a close look at the list , it essentially looks at two aspect. The first two – Knowledge and proficiency are competencies whereas the latter half – energetic, independent are innate personality traits.

Organisations also prefer to hire experienced candidates in client facing roles because they can “hit the ground running.” This indicates lower costs of training coupled with better perspectives of the world outside the concerned business and a network of contacts they have obtained over the years. Putting two and two together , I would presume that when a business is on the lookout for sales professionals , its personality first and then skills.

The logic here is simple. You may be able to train a recruit on product and the market . But hiring a person who exhibits low levels of self –drive , or can hardly communicate and then expecting him to morph into a butterfly overnight and deliver superb results is near impossible. Even training cannot do wonders in cases like these.

The best sales recruitment processes are the ones which focus on profiling candidates first. Candidates should be stringently evaluated on personality traits like dynamism, confidence, independence, adaptation , empathy and creativity. A sales person without these traits would never be able to deliver requisite results in a sales process. The biggest mistake that organisations make when hiring for sales positions is that they overlook the importance of these traits in individuals assuming that a management degree or experience would instil those traits in them , which need not necessarily be true. This is where an assessment using the DiSC personality test can be of help.

The DiSC profile assesses an individual on various aspects of his personality and helps him to understand his dominant behavioural style which could be among the four – Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. The DiSC profile then uses this awareness of self to adapt to the styles of others the individual interacts with. The individual’s style is plotted by administering a questionnaire where his natural responses to the environment are assessed.

The DiSC profile can provide valuable inputs regarding personality traits of candidates appearing for sales interviews. The strongest and weakest traits can be identified and then tailor made training programs can be designed to streamline costs while improving the overall effectiveness. Thus doing a DiSC profiling of aspiring candidates for sales roles can ensure that the right candidate is fitted into the role. This will also mitigate possibilities of dissatisfaction, poor performance and attrition.

A smart salesperson is someone who can connect instantly to customer by reading into what his preferences are. Everything DiSC has a solution for this too. Read on to find out…..

Sonia Kapur

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