Is your Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Assessment reliable?

Is your Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders  Assessment reliable 1As assessments become commoditised, businesses are concerned about the trustworthiness and reliability of the instruments that are used to assess their employees. This concern is more for psychological assessments since they measure abstract variables like emotion, empathy, or honesty. In such a case, the question is how can a user ensure that he is being assessed accurately? The other concern is how scientific or credible are the variables on which the assessment is based on.

Well, Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Assessment is globally accepted and hence there need be no such contentions in the minds of the user. This article will take you on a brief journey of the development process of this assessment tool.

The journey has happened can be broken down into 3 phases– the alpha phase where contemporary literature review on leadership was undertaken and constructs identified, the beta stage where a pilot assessment was done for both leaders and raters and the confirmatory stage where inputs from the beta stage were revalidated through extensive administration of the instrument.

Alpha Phase

In the first development phase, innumerable resources on contemporary leadership literature were reviewed extensively to spot leadership constructs that can be correlated to the DiSC® model. 26,000 volunteers who had undertaken personality assessment tests in the near past were interviewed and data was collected on each of the leadership constructs.

The volunteers were administered questions on their own performance as leaders and were also asked to opine on performance of others they had come across either in their current or previous job roles. The data was then used to spot and develop the practice scales and initial approach . The same was used to study the psychometric relationships between leadership constructs that were identified.

Beta Phase 1 (Exploratory)

In the exploratory beta phase , a pilot assessments was developed for 363 for Leaders which was then administered to both leaders and raters. Leaders from a wide spectrum of businesses were identified and contacted. The HR professionals of the same businesses were contacted to identify raters for each of the leaders. After data was collected, the model and the scales was examined for gaps and these were bridged by incorporating the necessary feedback and modifying accordingly.

Beta Phase 2 (Confirmatory)

In the second beta phase, the refined assessment was re-administered to leaders and raters from a huge gamut of businesses. Raters for each leader were identified by either the leader, the leader’s manager, or an HR professional within the organization. The data collected was reviewed and the tool re-validated and reconstructed.

There are no psychometric assessment tools which are completely valid or 100% accurate. The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders has been validated for reliability and validity. The fact that the measurements have been taken on continuous scales and not dichotomous scales, increases the credibility of the validation process. Thus we can ensure that the results shall be consistent and accurate.

Have you assessed your leaders with Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Assessment?

Sonia Kapur

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