Online DiSC Classic- What makes it so popular?

Assessments have been gaining prominence in the recent years being employed for managing the entire gamut of people management activities starting from hiring to retention. The online version of DiSC Classic is widely preferred because of its widespread applications for enhancing the effectiveness of professionals, early and mid- managers, leaders, sales force etc.

Online DiSC Classic profile can be used for increasing personal effectiveness , building team cohesion, improving communication , spotting people for the right roles , delegating etc.

Have you been assessed by DiSC Classic 2.0? Online DiSC classic the world’s most popular tool.

DiSC Classic 2.0 profile has been used to assess close to 30 million people in businesses across the globe and is undoubtedly one of the most popular assessments in the world. Its availability in the paper and pencil format and also in the online format makes it useful to assess people’s organisations of all sizes. Barriers of infrastructure or technology or size of the training group do not matter since it can be administered in both the formats.

DiSC Classic assessment being one of Wiley’s earliest tools, have undergone metamorphosis multiple times and has about 4 decades of research backing it. This makes it very credible and reliable. The availability of DiSC in over 30 languages have taken the tool beyond geographical and cultural boundaries making it hugely popular amongst leading businesses worldwide.

Online DiSC Classic uses the linear format to graphically represent behaviour making it simple and easy to interpret. As is characteristic to the DiSC tools , human behaviour is seen as a combination of all the four DiSC styles with one or more style being preferred or used more often than the others.

However the Online DiSC Classic profile provides an intensity index for behavioural traits wherein behavioural traits are described as adjectives and are classified as high, medium or low intensity. This feature which is not available in other DiSC tools increases the application of Online DiSC Classic 2.0 in people management since it acts as a fairly sound predictor of human behaviour.

Tools like Everything DiSC or other cheaper DISC based assessments are much more recent and hence cannot be compared to a seasoned tool like Online DiSC classic assessment in terms of validity or reliability. Statistical tools like Cronbach alpha have been used to validate the DiSC classic tool and its usage by millions across the world has added onto this credibility.

The flexibility is another aspect of online DiSC classic which has made it very popular. Almost anyone can deliver the online DiSC Classic 2.0 assessment- consultants , in house trainers, L & OD professionals or people managers.

The employees who are taking the assessment will be sent an email with a link to the questionnaire which can be completed in less than 20 minutes. The questions are in simples English and can be easily understood by employees at all levels irrespective of their proficiency in the language.

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Sonia Kapur

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