Paper and Pencil​ Profiles

Have you imagined a training environment where it is impossible to get online?

Have you come across a situation where trainees insist that since its behaviour that is being assessed they would find it more comfortable to mark their responses on a hard copy?

DiSC takes into account these concerns and in spite of most applications having an online version , DiSC has both the online version of DiSC Classic – DiSC Classic 2.0 and DiSC Classic 2.0 plus. The pen and paper profiles are the Personal Development Profile and C-888 Classic Paper Profile.

Why use Pen and Paper Assessments?

A paper and pencil version is easily portable and simple to manage in any setting. It does not require huge paraphernalia like electricity, computer or a high speed internet connection. The size of the audience or trainee group is never a hassle when using the pen and paper format , and the organisers need not be continuously plagued with requests for “one more system” or “more internet bandwidth”. All that is takes here is taking the required number of copies based on the size of the training group. And the trainer can be relaxed about not being too concerned about excuses just in case there is a power outage or speed of downloading is an issue.

With huge training groups , facilitators may find it inconvenient to administer tests or assessments online since it could mean usage of labs with multiple systems. For such situations , a paper and pencil test proves to be a blessing in disguise. This also applies to shorter duration training sessions done in small to medium sized businesses where infrastructure and space could be a constraint.  DiSC understands this and one of its most popular and robust tools, DiSC classic is available in both the paper and pencil version and the online version.