Personal Development Profile

To ensure that DiSC® profiles reach out to  a broader spectrum  of learners and to bridge barriers that infrastructure or technology may create, DiSC has a paper and pencil version of its most popular tool DiSC Classic. The Personal Development Profile has the following applications:

  • Professional development
  • Career planning
  • Life Coaching & mentoring
  • Improving communication
  • Provide gold standard customer service
  • Effective conflict reprisal
  • Build high trust behaviours for team collaboration and much more.

Why Use Personal Development Profile?

  • Provide the same level of experiential facilitation to small or large training groups.
  • Overcome barriers that technology or infrastructure may create by easy administration of a paper and pencil test.
  • Customised for shorter DiSc sessions wherein every DiSc concept is explained with the same detailing.
  • Self administered , self – scored self-interpreted paper booklet
  • Ensures simplicity of understanding through  easy-to-understand phrases instead of single words on the 28-question response page.
  • The language is simple easily comprehended at a sixth-grade reading level.
  • Provides a comprehensive all encompassing version of DiSC classic linear patterns without the Intensity Index.