Transform Managers to Leaders with Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Transform Managers to Leaders with Everything DiSC Work of LeadersAs kids we were always been taught to admire leaders, and leadership behaviour was always endorsed as something worth following. But leaders have mostly been associated with politics, religion or history and not with business. Down the ages, as businesses grew in size and problems started snowballing, it became imperative to have leaders. Leaders were required at the helm of every business as an epitome of the culture- to chart the course, and to set the tone at the top.

While leadership is synonymous with vision, alignment and execution, management is more about competence, control and balance of power. Managers are expected to be handy with solutions to all kinds of problems, while adhering to the process completely. With growing challenges, business landscape is becoming more and more demanding. Today as businesses struggle to balance diversity, technology, engagement and loyalty, leaders are relying on managers for better strategies for steering their people. This is where we need to inculcate into our managerial clan, the leadership traits specified in Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile .

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders defines leadership as a one to many relationship, while management is seen as one to one. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders will simplify the journey from a manager to a leader , empowering them to be bold, influential and creative.

Leaders differ from managers in the power that they wield and their usage of it . Leaders are charismatic, in the power they have over their followers, and with it they are capable of creating a magic. Managers are less dramatic and manage crises, deploying resources at different levels, assigning them significant responsibilities, keeping an eagle’s eye over them, offering them sane advice and pushing them to finally accomplish the goal that the leader envisages. The leader in this context takes up the role of the Emperor and the manager that of his General or Minister depending on the nature of the problem.

Based on the book by Julie Straw & others, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders brings together the experiences of 300 domain experts across 150 businesses to build strategies on how to use the strengths you have as a leader for achieving better business outcomes. As the challenges for managers and leaders multiply, managers should inculcate leadership traits. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders can be the frame of reference here offering personalised feedback on leadership traits of each manager. In the context of character, experience, cognition and maturity, Work of Leaders can help managers to understand their score on leadership traits and recommend areas of improvement.

As the millennials in the global workforce grows, traditional strategies of managing resources have given way to collaboration and strategic partnerships. Though Everything DiSC Management Profile supports a manager to streamline his management style to the team style, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile will identify the DiSC style in the context of their leadership role in them and help them hone it.

Going beyond words like motivation and trust, today’s watchword is engagement, which can be built only through trust and belief. A manager who cannot lead will struggle to build organisational trust. As the world moves from standardisation to cognition , managers need to evolve from being just process drivers to motivational leaders.

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