Using DiSC Behavioural Profile for Organisational Effectiveness

Using DiSC Behavioural Profile for Organisational EffectivenessThe DiSC Behavioural Profile is widely accepted in terms of its reliability and validity. With over 30 years and more than 42 million users worldwide DiSC has evolved into a behavioural tool which has a broad spectrum of applications in ramping up the efficiency of the global workforce today. DiSC assesses an employee on behavioural traits like “dominance,” “influence,” “steadiness” and “conscientiousness” by analysing their natural responses to a multitude of circumstances. The DISC Personality Profile is then used to plot behavioural patterns, and can be used to determine strategies to improve ways to think, behave and act.

As organizations struggle to balance diversity and inclusion , increasing an employee’s awareness of self and of others can prove to be valuable in increasing the effectiveness of workplace interactions . DiSC Behavioural Profile can be used to increase team cohesion, to improve client interactions and to assess how an employee fits a job role.

Employees can be evaluated on their own preferences and how those preferences differ from those of their co –workers. This learning can be used to assign attainable goals for the team , wherein each individual would try to overcome differences and use similarities for meeting those goals. Self – awareness can also be crucial in mitigating interpersonal conflict in a team thereby improving team rapport.

Organisations can also use DiSC to enhance the interaction of employees with clients. Employees in client facing roles get caught in the “ego trap” where they find it difficult to compromise on deals because the ego gets hurt. Adding to this is the fact that from an interpersonal sense, the salesman may not be viewing the sale conducively. This results in the customer being taken for granted and the interaction being more casual than empathetic. DiSC Behavioural Profile can be used for sales people to understand their pressure points and use the learning to improve interactions with customer. This can result in more business coming in thereby impacting organisations positively.

As employers struggle to retain talent they need to introspect on the criteria which is being used for evaluating candidates in the recruitment process. Gone are the days when education and experience could evaluate the effectiveness of a person. Now there are softer skills that any job mandates which are closely linked to the personality traits of a person. DiSC can be used to ramp up the effectiveness of the selection and recruitment process of an organisation. Tools like DiSC are not replacement for a robust interview or aptitude test, but rather work in synergy with them supporting the process by giving recruiters a scientific method to predict strengths and challenges of a candidate.

Gone are the days when managers or leaders had to use their gut instincts to handle people under them. It is high time that non – judgmental evaluation tools like DiSC Behavioural Profile be used extensively in organisations to streamline resource management systems. This will fine tune the way the global workforce behaves and people management effort can be orchestrated towards meeting organisational objectives.

Sonia Kapur

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