Using DiSC Workplace Profile For Professional Excellence

ExcellenceSlide1In training programs, I have handled programs for managers who are readying themselves for mentorship for professionals who are at the early stages of their careers. Most of these professionals would be young, energetic and raring to go, but one problem that was common to most of them was their attribution to workplace issues. Most of them feel that their incompatibility with people at workplace, conflicts that resulted from those and resulting performance gaps were all because people failed to understand them. Here is where Everything DiSC comes to the rescue.

Most workplace issues surface because of an individual not being able to understand himself. Self – awareness is the first step to making workplace interaction and for better conflict management, since it would help the individual flex to the need of the situation. If this assessment of individual priorities and preferences are objective and information rich what more can you want? Everything DiSC workplace profile is a behavioural assessment for professionals which aim at supporting them to adapt their workplace behaviour to those of co-workers whose priorities and preferences with respect to a particular situation may be different.

Using the DiSC circle, the assessment plots the behavioural style of an individual which is a combination of all the four DiSC styles. There is no right or wrong behaviour here but strengths are referred to as certain behaviour which an individual tends to repeat more often the overuse of which would turn it into a weakness. For eg an “I “ style in DiSC would indulge in a behaviour that wins acceptance from their team mates, the overuse of which can make the person excessively indulge in their colleagues instead of getting them to work .

Thus by looking at the individual’s preferred behavioural style, the Everything DiSC Workplace profile report suggests on how they can flex to other less prominent styles. This is explained in the context of situations making it increasingly simple for the user to connect it to real world situations. The workplace priorities that an individual may have are also used to spot factors that are likely to motivate them at the workplace. Quoting the above example, a person who is predominantly a DiSC “I” would be motivated by praise, recognition and would shine in tasks that require collaboration.

The Everything DiSC workplace profile also gives individuals a clear picture of what their challenges at the workplace would be. These may also include those areas of work which may seem tricky to handle. A people centric professional for example may find it difficult to say a firm “no” or to discipline team members who are lazy. They may also not really know how to handle confrontations and find it challenging to meet deadlines.

Once the self- awareness stage is crossed, the ED Workplace Profile teaches the individual how to spot styles of people they interact with. This awareness of other styles would then be used to adapt the individual’s style to suit the style of the person he is interacting with. Thus the ED Workplace Profile can be used to build a culture of trust and understanding which in turn would act as building blocks for the right organisational culture.

Sonia Kapur

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