Using Everything DiSC Work of Leaders to identify People Centric Leaders

Using Everything DiSC Work of Leaders to identify People Centric LeadersCulture has become the watchword for today’s businesses and most board room discussions are centred around how the right culture can be inculcated in an organisation. As retention and engagement become pressing concerns for businesses, having a people centric leader who can set the tone at the top is becoming increasingly important. Leaders today require to be assessed as much as employees so as to ensure that they are effective in adhering to mandates. The Everything DiSC Leadership model is one of the world’s most accepted models for leadership performance.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Model speaks of eight different leadership approaches – Energizing, Affirming, Inclusive, Humble, Deliberate, Resolute, Commanding and Pioneering. Each of these approaches are associated with three leadership practices that best define them. If you look at the progression you will see that some of these approaches indicate leadership behaviour that would be viewed as people centric while there are diametrically opposite behaviours where the focus is on the task at hand.

So how do you identify people centric leaders ?

An Everything DiSC Energizing leader would be someone who is highly enthusiastic. He is not a lone ranger and believes in the power of the team. To get tasks done, he rallies individuals inspiring them to achieve goals. He is a true networker and you can be confident that he knows the right people to approach and would have list of contacts that he uses to get things done and thus is resourceful.

An Everything DiSC affirmer is a people’s person. He/ She is someone who believes that by acknowledging individual contributions people feel driven to accomplish. People find it easy to communicate and interact with affirming leaders since they are approachable and free. Affirming leaders through their openness to interact create positive work environments.

An Everything DiSC Work of Leaders inclusive leader as the name indicates is open to feedback and people feel at ease coming forward with any inputs they may have– positive or negative. You may never find a colleague or a team member speaking ill of an inclusive leader since he is diplomatic. An inclusive leader would make sure that he never openly favours one individual over another, lest he/she may be seen as partial. The inclusive leader is a true believer of the power to connect through open dialogues.

A people centric leader can also be an Everything DiSC Humble leader. A humble leader is totally fair in his assessment of people and will never be perceived as partial or unfair in his transactions with people. You can be sure that a humble leaders would never flare up, throw tantrums or lose their composure even in the most trying situations and would always be modest in their success giving due credit to people who have been supportive for the same.

When people centric leaders drive organisations culture is never forced. Rather it is developed through open and transparent communication. So are your leaders’ people centric? Use globally accepted Everything DiSC personality test to validate.

Sonia Kapur

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