Using Everything DiSC Work of Leaders to Identify Task Centric Leaders

Using Everything DiSC Work of Leaders to Identify Task Centric LeadersThe previous article speaks about people centric leaders. But can organisation survive with only people centrism? Sustainable long term success will be a far-fetched dream if people are not given clarity of vision or do not have strong leaders who can stand alone, with the courage to make tough decisions.

So how does the Everything DiSC Leadership model define a task centric or tough leader?

The four Everything DiSC leadership approaches which would best match the adjective “tough” are– deliberate, resolute, commanding and pioneering. Let us take a walk through the three behaviours which are characteristic to each of these types.

An Everything DiSC deliberate leader would be someone who has utmost clarity on what needs to be done and hence would be able to convey his messages with the same level of clarity. The deliberate leader analyses options and prioritises well and hence would expect and promote disciplined analysis amongst his people. Such an leader is calm and collected and hence gives his colleagues a strong feeling of stability in every task that is assigned.

An Everything DiSC resolute leader are clear “go- getters”. They believe in setting high expectations for themselves and their teams and would never take an excuse for not achieving those outcomes however high they may be. Working with them, would require high levels of dynamism since they would always be scouting for improved techniques and innovation. They do not mince words and would come up-front with any issues encouraging or at times forcing their people to resolve issues openly.

An Everything DiSC commanding leader as the name aptly refers to- reflects confidence in every task assigned to them. They may not be open to taking up challenges which they are not sure about and would always be result driven. They can be viewed as task masters because they believe in taking charge and would never settle for anything lesser than the best. Their unparalleled confidence in themselves and extreme results focus may give them the “rough and tough” image at the workplace.

An Everything DiSC Pioneer is synonymous with the adjective “bold”. Such a leader is always on the lookout for fresh opportunities and would never be satisfied with what is at hand. They would believe in stretching beyond limits and would expect people to be similar. Their ultimate mantra for success is “Nothing is impossible.” They would never be apprehensive about prospects and would be willing even to take risks for the sake of the excitement it offers.

Though Everything DiSC Leadership model clearly classifies leadership into the eight approaches, each Leader may have his/her own prominent style. What each would require doing is to ensure that they identify their unique style and if they feel that they are too people or task focused look at how they can adapt to the other area better. Thus businesses will be driven by great leaders who set achievable visions, with clear goal focus, laced with the compassion to help people realise the true relevance of the dream and support them in getting there. This is where business leaders need to go. So are you ready

Sonia Kapur

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