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DiSC Behavioral Profiles imageOrganisation are being more and more dynamic today to match up to the challenges that massive economic and political restructuring is offering them. Continual improvement is the focal point, with a deep commitment to learning. Gone are the days of cosmetic changes, or age –old business practices. What is required is fresh insights and new perspectives. The biggest change that is however required for all this to be in place is in the basic building block – the individual.

Individuals in today’s workplace no longer survive for themselves but dwell on the success of the teams of which they are a part of. For this they need to be taught not to react” but to “behave”. DiSC profiles can teach your human resources how to bridge the gap between reaction and behaviour by teaching them the common language of the team. DiSC can help them move from just thriving in isolation to being the life and breathe of the team.

The DiSC profiles are available in both paper and online formats, and can be completed in about 15-20 minutes. The respondents are administered a series of forced choice questions about his/her behavioral style. There are question which focus on an individual’s response to their surroundings as well as his views on how other perceive him in situations. The online version of DiSC generates an information – rich , highly personalized report about an individual’s behavioral styles. The paper profiles are self-scored and self-interpreted.

Organisations are being increasingly selective about the hiring the right talent and with the academia – industry interface growing wider, tools like DiSC are becoming central to getting the right resources for the right roles. Productivity and innovation being the key driver of the bottom line, DiSC is also being employed as a diagnostic tool to understand the behavioural issues that lead to reduced productivity. With the growth of millennials, workplace adjustment is a major challenge that organisations are trying to bridge. DiSC behavioural Profiles helps employees understand the reasons for the differences of opinions that invariably lead to conflicts and help them to reduce confusion and frustration.

As employees go through the results of their profile and engage in the participative learning process with their colleagues, they start understanding their strengths and focus on the personal motivators to get them closer to their goals. They learn the strategies to cope with conflict and understand how their behaviour impacts their relationships. This learning helps them bridge gaps in differences and the individual starts focussing on similarities – fine-tuning their communication to adapt to people and situations that they may encounter.

The biggest barrier to effective communication is the inability of the individual to connect to the listener. The dialogue and discovery profiles eases out the gap between style and communication. Once individuals develop a deep awareness of self, the learning can be used to spot the personality and needs of others. With deep seated insights on style, behavior, and motivation as the stepping stones, DiSC profiles carves the pathway towards a culture of innovation and effeciency..

Download DiSC Classic 2.0 Sample Report
Download Everything DiSC Workplace Profile Sample Report

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